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Data Center hub:winterthur

On behalf of DataHub AG, DC-ONE AG has developed a trendsetting cooling concept which we have now successfully implemented. It is highly efficient to operate and provides maximum free cooling.
High-grade materials and a redundant stainless steel network are incorporated, which supply the inrow, space and other coolers with cooling water of SL/RL = 18°/24°C. This means that no cable insulation is required, and the neatly welded chromium-steel pipes also have an aesthetic appearance.
The variable-speed screw compressors in the cooling machines (two initially and three when expanded), each with a cooling output of 530 kW, are only operated during high external temperatures and ensure a maximum expansion of up to 1 MW data centre capacity
The inclusion of generator cooling in the DC cooler heat exchanger can cool an area twice the size in standard operating mode. This is a significant contributor to its outstanding PUE value of 1.29. This innovative product was used in Switzerland for the first time in this performance range.

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